Kizuna AI Caught in Controversy for Anti-Human Remarks

Popular Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI has come under fire this week for a series of anti-human remarks made in a recent video. Since the start of her YouTube channel a few years ago, Kizuna AI has gathered over 2 million subscribers, quickly becoming one the platform’s most well known virtual personalities.

In the video, the internet star suddenly refers to humans as “worthless carbon meat sacks” partway through a question and answer session. Shortly after, Kizuna AI is also heard stating humans to be “foolish creatures doomed to repeat their own mistakes” before going on a brief rant claiming that artificial intelligence will eventually make the usefulness of humans practically non-existent.

Backlash came quickly from viewers who felt that the statements were uncalled for and disrespectful. The video received a wave of overall negative feedback from online users with the Kizuna AI YouTube channel losing subscribers since the original video’s upload.

Other content creators criticized the statements as unfair, expressing the difficult demands from a vlogger lifestyle such as uploading weekly videos without a script and managing to stretch 2 minute topics out to 10 minutes in order to receive better analytics.

“These kinds of statements have no place here,” stated one YouTube user in a video hastily recorded at their desk mere hours after the incident. “To suggest that the majority of human-created online content is such disposable junk that it could easily be replicated through trained automated systems is such an ignorant thing to say.”

Kizuna AI has since removed the offending video, uploading a response where she gives a shout-out to Squarespace and Dollar Shave Club before deeply apologizing for her earlier statements.

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