Kodokawa Releases Official ‘Kemono Friends’ T-Pose Serval Figure

Media company Kadokawa has revealed that it will be releasing a limited edition T-pose figure of the character Serval from the hit anime Kemono Friends. The series, which finished airing last year, still has many dedicated fans around the globe after it found unprecedented success. Although there has been no announcements concerning the continuation of the series, Kadokawa hopes that new merchandise will help satisfy the appetite of fans.

The figure features Serval in a signature default T-pose. With the director of the series no longer on the project and members of the original animation team gone, Serval sits in her stock position awaiting rigging and animation that will never come. Fans will be reminded as they admire this authentic figure that there will never again be more of what made Kemono Friends so enjoyable in the first place.

Kadokawa states that inspiration for the figure came after finding a spare flash drive in the abandoned office of former Kemono Friends animation studio Yaoyorozu. One of the model assets on the drive became inspiration for the new figure concept. According to press releases, the model was left in its default pose to serve as both a representation of the show’s poor animation and the lazy neglect the franchise received under its property holder.

“It’s absolutely terrible what happened to Kemono Friends and its staff,” one dedicated Kemono Friends fan commented. “Of course I’m still going to preorder the figure in case it sells out, but I swear this is the last time I support them after this.”

While it has not been stated whether additional characters will get the T-pose treatment or not, Kadokawa has hinted at a special “noclip” version of the figure which will include several scenery models that Serval will appear to be clipping through.

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