Korean College Student Tired of Classmate Asking Questions About Japan

ATLANTA, GA – Social tensions grew in a local university classroom this week as student James Park was once again mistaken by one of his classmates as being of Japanese descent. Park, a Korean undergraduate at Georgia State University, claims the misunderstanding has been going on for several weeks with his classmate, Conner Greaves, approaching him nearly every class session with a barrage of questions concerning Japan.

“I should have never mentioned that I liked anime,” Park stated. “He seemed fine at first but once he found out I watched anime is was like opening up the flood gates. Soon he was asking all these questions about what it was like in Japan and if I thought he could move there. I’ve never even been to Japan. I go to Seoul sometimes to visit family, but even that’s not very often.”

Park claims he has tried giving cues in hopes of deterring Greaves, such as showing complete disinterest in all conversations and pretending not to know any of the anime Greaves mentioned, but has yet to see any success. Park also claimed to have brought in a copy of a manhwa one day, hoping the Korean comic would allow his classmate to get the hint, only to have the plan backfire when Greaves excitedly mistook it for a manga.

“The Japanese people are so modest, which is just one great things about it,” Greaves told Anime Maru when questioned about the encounters. “James is just being humble like the culture of his home country. He says otherwise sometimes, but I think he’s just being shy about it. I know he has to be from Japan since he likes anime and he even gave me a morning greeting in his native tongue one time.”

“Is he still on about that?,” Park told our correspondent. “I was trying to tell him that I’m from Ohio. Ohio! I swear there’s something wrong with that guy. This is the last time I take an Asian History course to fulfill my Gen-Ed requirements.”

Park was last seen face down at his desk while Greaves went over a convoluted plan about how he was going to move to Akihabara, teach English as a career, and live the dream life in his beloved Japan.

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