Koufuku Graffiti Girls Develop A Taste For Human Flesh In Upcoming OVA

Koufuku Cannibal2

Studio SHAFT announced today that the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the cooking-themed slice-of-life series Koufuku Graffiti will contain a special OVA. They say while they are taking some creative liberties with the premise, they believe it is a logical extension of the show’s themes.

Their press release states; “You’ve seen them devour all of Japan’s finest delicacies, from seasonal entrees to contemporary classics. But these girls’ appetites can no longer be restricted to ordinary food… They’ll take their culinary cravings to the next level… Freshly prepared human meat”.

“The special takes all of the things people love about the show, the detailed and fluidly animated meals, the sensual descriptions of taste and texture, and of course the girl’s signature reactions to their food… and adds a new flavor, so to speak”, said guest-director Akira Iwanaga, whose previous works include both Corpse Party OVAs, Tortured Souls and Missing Footage.

Iwanaga was selected for the job because of his experience in creating visceral depictions of human entrails and fleshy tissue meat. He is reportedly delighted to have the opportunity to bring his unique skills to the table. “I hope fans are as excited about this new direction as we are”, he concludes.

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