Kyoto Animation Starts Campaign to Erase ‘Musaigen no Phantom World’ From Existence

Earlier this week, an anonymous source leaked that animation studio Kyoto Animation has formed a new department specializing in cyberwarfare and media manipulation. With the studio trying to positively promote their currently airing series, Violet Evergarden, the new department has been rumored to be attempting to rewrite history in order to erase past mistakes and pave the way for the future dominance of the entire anime industry. The first anime on the department’s hit list appears to be Musaigen no Phantom World, an anime that even the studio’s own staff just wants to forget.

Experts suspect that the new department has started their attack against Musaigen by using already combat-tested strategies, such as denying the existence of the Tsukihime anime adaption. These strategies involve implanting a strong subliminal rejection into the heads of the masses and the controlled release of a multitude of memes.

The final step of the rumored master plan appears to be hacking into the MyAnimeList database and removing the entry of Musaigen, making it effectively impossible for anyone to acquire information about the series.

Studio president Hideaki Hatta commented on the topic in an emergency press conference, but ultimately did not either confirm nor deny rumors about the new department. When a reporter suggested that Maid Dragon could also be manipulated out of the books of history, Hatta got angry and reportedly shouted, “Shut up, Maid Dragon was fun!”

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