Kyoto Animation to Consider Making a Real Crappy One

kd9ik23aWSUJI, Japan — Thoughtfully reflecting on all the careful planning, script reviews, and design sessions that he and his staff have been involved in the past several months, Kyoto Animation director Ishihara Tatsuya wondered if the acclaimed anime studio could get away with making a really shitty anime.

Citing the success of Hibike! Euphonium and positive reviews of Amagi Brilliant Park, Ishihara reportedly wondered out loud if fans would “give them a pass” if their next anime was terrible.

“Come on, even FreeTamako Market, and Chuu2koi were pretty good, and we’re still riding off the wave of Hyouka a little,” Ishihara told company president Hatta Hideaki. “We’ll still be alright even if our next anime is total dogshit — we’ve earned it.”

Details about Kyoto Animation’s upcoming anime, Myriad Colors Phantom World have so far been scarce, though director Ishihara is considering a dense male protagonist surrounded by attractive heroines who are unable to resist pining for the him. According to sources within the studio, at least one recap episode is planned, along with a beach episode and a rumored hot springs episode for 12 episode show.

“We can save some money by not hiring any writers and having lots of tweening shots,” Ishihara proposed. “And we can make some back by censoring the fan service, but showing it in the Blu-Ray.”

Though some executives at Kyoto Animation were hesitant about the plan, Ishihara pointed out that fans have mostly forgotten about Kyoukai no Kanata, and that even Endless Eight has mostly blown over.

“I don’t think I’m asking for too much here,” Ishihara said. “I just think we’ve made enough good anime in the last few years; we deserve to take time off like Shinbou does when he’s not directing Monogatari.”

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