Latest D4DJ Nightcore Group Just Sped up Versions of Prior Songs

Bushiroad has recently revealed a new DJ unit for its music-themed media franchise D4DJ. The new unit will join the franchise’s approximately half a dozen other units as a nightcore-themed group under the name Rockefeller Street.

Unlike other groups in the franchise, Rockefeller Street has no original songs, instead exclusively playing “remixes” of other D4DJ songs that have been sped up to the point of resulting in aggressively up-pitched vocals.

The unit consists of four members, with the leader of the group responsible for speeding up audio and the others tasked with stealing character art from the internet to use for video thumbnails. Bushiroad stated that the idea behind Rockefeller Street was to create a group that reflected the modern work ethic of online creators and the insatiable demand for high quantity output on internet platforms.

Rockefeller Street is set to be introduced in the mobile game D4DJ Groovy Mix which will include the group’s first official track “Ultimate Nightcore Gaming Mix 2021” in the next major update. Bushiroad will also upload the full track to the official D4DJ YouTube channel in a video with an unrelated anime girl used as the background image.

Online reception of the announcement has been largely positive with the top comments on the trailer video reading “Wow! Love this!!”, “Who is listening in 2021?”, and “Song name?”

Bushiroad also teased an upcoming vaporwave group for D4DJ, called Synthetic Aesthetic, whose main characteristics will be playing lo-fi remixes of 80’s tracks and getting depressed.

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