Latest Idol Craze Popular With Just Young Girls

Kira Kira Idols

OSAKA – The makers of the newest idol hit KiraKiraIdols have expressed surprise at the fact that it is popular with its intended audience, young girls.

“Usually you run into a problem where the game you are marketing to girls is instead played by men in their late 20s and older,” remarked a Capcom spokesperson on a common problem with idol games. “The fact that they do not seem to be interested in KiraKiraIdols gives us an audience we can build on with future versions of the game.”

KiraKiraIdols is a game that focuses on developing an idol that lack friends in school into a popular, happy girl able to perform in front of thousands of fans. Industry insiders say the marketing success of the title comes from an important gameplay component.

“I tried to play KiraKiraIdols at the local arcade, but there was a story mode I had to play through,” said Ichimura Takeo , 36, outside a local game center. “The girls had real problems that I couldn’t relate to. I really just wanted to play through and unlock costumes without having to worry about my character’s problems during puberty.”

For the target audience, however, the story and greater access to the game are the things that matter most.

“I really liked that I didn’t have to wait behind 5 old men to play an idol game,” said Yanagisawa Maki , a local middle-school girl. “I also felt that I could relate to my character because she has many of the same issues that I have.”

Capcom later confirmed that a boys version of the game KiraKiraShonen was in development with a target release in the fall.


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