Lawson Announces Promotional ‘Love Live Sunshine’ Themed Garbage Bags


American plastic ware company Glad announced earlier this week that they were partnering with Lawson convenience stores in Japan in a new promotion that includes Love Live Sunshine-themed garbage bags. Love Live Sunshine, an anime set to air early next month, is a spinoff of the Love Live: School Idol Project franchise. The show will follow nine students from Uranohoshi Girls’ High School in Shizuoka as they form a school idol group called Aqours.

Garbage bags featuring each of the nine characters will be available for purchase at various stores, and fans will be encourage to collect them all.

Love Live Sunshine tall kitchen drawstring bags will feature unique reinforcing bands to make the bags stronger and a fresh scent to mask odors. With an easy-to-use drawstring mechanism, 13-gallon size, and art featuring the girls of Aqours, the best way to manage your trash is with trash itself,” the official promotional materials read. “So go and collect garbage today!’

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