Leading Experts Confirm: Rap Mashup AMVs are the Highest Form of Artistic Expression

GENEVA, Switzerland — A group of leading researchers in the fields of art history and semiotic communication have published their most recent study, which concludes that anime music videos that mash up rap or hip-hop with anime-inspired themes or music are the absolute pinnacle of human expression.

“Nothing comes close to capturing the plight of the human condition than some dank trap beats played over some delicious animated cleavage,” lead researcher Roland Magnusson, Ph.D. of the University of Geneva told the media while summarizing the group’s findings.

“Leonardo Da Vinci and Beethoven wish they had been on this shit. Never before has there been the ability to so eloquently and uniquely express the views of both the underclass soundcloud rapper as well as the bourgeois isekai fan,” quipped the emeritus Professor.

The study, which frequently cites artists XxThugga_WaifuxX and 2PacWazANinja for their role in popularizing the art form, is not without critics. Many have questioned the veracity of the findings when very few examples of rap mashup AMV’s can be found celebrated in museums and film festivals around the world.

“Name any other way in which you can blend both my boys Post Malone and Sasuke so harmoniously, and you can do the research next time,” Magnusson replied.

The Swiss-based research group later announced their next big research project: why studios keep funding anime about gatcha games.

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