Leading Japanese University to Introduce ‘Cells at Work!’ into Medical Course Curriculum

TOKYO, Japan — After the sudden surge in popularity of Akane Shimizu’s “Cells at Work!” manga series following its well received anime adaptation this season, the University of Tokyo has announced today that it would begin incorporating the series into a variety of its existing medical science and health centric subjects.

Kohei Miyazono M.D., Ph.D., Dean of the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Medicine, released a brief statement to existing faculty staff and students, with more information on the upcoming changes, which included the Cells at Work! manga anthology being added to the mandatory reading list of a number of both undergraduate (Bacherlor’s of Medicine, Psychology & Health Sciences) as well as a number of post graduate degrees, including their PHD program. Additionally, all current biology programs would now contain specific units focusing on the newly released anime which are set to replace all presently implemented practical areas of study.

In the previous week, a number of email exchanges were leaked between the professor and his colleagues debating the validity and overall scientific legitimacy of including the series as a core component of study in such an important field of study. The excepts reveal Miyazono responding frequently with a number of slurs, a series of image macros referring to “protecting the platelets”, and a link to a Facebook group called “Molecular Cell Biology Memes for Eukaryotic Teens”. The latter, according to rumors, being run by the professor himself under a pseudonym.

Our correspondent attempted to approach Miyazono for comment over the recent events and about the likelihood of any new degrees being added to the curriculum, perhaps expanding to alternative medical options such as Acupuncture or Homeopathy.

“There is absolutely no way we’ll let in any of that pseudoscience mumbo jumbo,” Professor Miyazono told Anime Maru. “It’ll be over my cold dead body before we start promoting any new-age quackery at my university. Luckily, I’m never going to die as this would make Blood Cell-chan sad.”

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