Letters to the Editor: October 2014


He Said;She Said

SIR― The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea is enraged by your libelous poison. The Brilliant Comrade would never watch anything as morally bankrupt as Love Live. As we have noted in our authoritative report, the Supreme Commander nearly martyred himself in an attempt to strengthen the nation through the use of the 3D maneuver gear. We are truly grateful for the selfless efforts of the Supreme Leader to continue the struggle against the debased forces of capitalist aggression.

Ri Pong-ju
Editor-in-Chief, Rodong Sinmun

SIR― As a long-time confidant of Kim Jong-Un, I am disappointed that you have decided to give credence to North Korea’s baseless claims. It is well known that the so-called Brilliant Comrade does not have the stomach to watch something like Attack on Titan, much less Hunter x Hunter. Don’t let his saber-rattling confuse you. The man has a weak heart and a soft stomach. He was marathoning every single episode of every Pretty Cure series back-to-back. I have it on good faith that he had his agents video tape each episode on VCR in Japan and ship them back to his palace. I suspect he tripped on a pile of these, causing his injury.

Beijing, China

Art for Art’s Sake

SIR― I am dismayed by your simplistic and uneducated reading of Mainichi DAYS. The show does not, as you allege, only consist of girls ‘exchanging pleasantries with each other.’ There are scenes depicting them reading books, taking notes, erasing notes, standing up in class to do reading, and, most importantly, bidding each other farewell. The show does not showcase the girls ‘responding to one another in a culturally appropriate yet friendly manner.’ Far from it: the show is a depiction of the falsehood of modern life and the industralisation of the pedagogical process. It is my hope that you will refrain from passing casual judgement in the future.

Akiyuki Shinbo
Director, Mainichi DAYS
Fukushima, Japan

Sakura Tricked

SIR― You should ask Studio DEEN how all the money they spent on Sakura Trick is working out for them. Perhaps that’s why they don’t have money for another Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni OVA. Or decent animators. Or an actual studio. But it’s alright― at least they had a giant billboard in Akihabara. We can all aspire to such greatness.

Ouse Matsuri
President, ufotable
Tokyo, Japan

About the author

Akira has seen in his visions the four horsemen of the anipocalypse: condescension, snobbery, exclusivity, and greed. He is a long-time admirer of Yamamoto Yutaka. Currently resides in Halifax with his waifu and two dogs. クソまじめ野郎。Twitter: @Akirascuro