Letters to the Editor: September 2014


Gap in Coverage

SIR — Your recent article regarding the ‘Gender Gap’ in anime characters (link) depicts a one-sided view of the issue of anime gender equality. Here at Kyoto Animation, we strive to make sure that male characters are represented in anime and given equal opportunity to blossom as beautiful anime characters. Perhaps other studios will follow our example and one day we will live in a world where male and female characters can be fapped to by anime fans everywhere.

Utsumi Hiroko
Kyoto Animation
Kyoto, Japan

Lines to Nowhere

SIR — Your claim in August that our long lines at Otakon were not genuine and in fact a cosplay of lines at Anime Expo (link) discredit our convention and are frankly untrue. Though we do not have the disastrous mismanagement skills of Anime Expo, we the staff at Otakon are proud of our own ability to cause delays and force people to wait in line. We strive one day to truly emulate the anathema of organization that Anime Expo boasts. Until then, our guests will have to enjoy our slightly shorter, but still generally miserable lines.

John Gluth
President, Otakorp, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

Rushing to Conclusions

SIR — Thank you for your article previewing the new season of the National Football League (link). However, I feel that your fine institution’s coverage resulted in some over-hyped expectations and jinxed the new season. Fans are not taking well to this season’s Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson arcs, stating that the writing is not faithful to the manga. I look to my hero and inspiration, Yamamoto Yutaka for support.

Roger Goodell
Commissioner, National Football League
New York City, NY

Very Opinionated

SIR — In regards to your article claiming that anime avatars categorically invalidate opinions (link), I will have you know that while I have an anime avatar, my opinions are perfectly valid. I am fully capable of not listening to opposing arguments, creating strawmen, and yelling my anecdotal evidence louder than anyone else. Please fix your erroneous article.

Steven Cirk
Portland, OR

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