Letters to the Editor: July 2014


We’re Going Legit-nyaa!

SIR― In your recent article about Nyaa issuing DMCA takedowns (link), you allege that Fakku is ‘getting bad press.’ While this may be true, it is important to note that there is one crucial difference between Fakku and Nyaa. We have always been legitimate providers of content. Unlike Nyaa, our content comes strictly from creators who have no legal right to defend their copyrights, whereas Nyaa engages in piracy. We may be ‘getting bad press’, but at least our hands are clean.

Jacob Pornmaster
Administrator and CEO, Fakku.com
Omaha, Nebraska

Bandai CleanCo

SIR― We would like to offer a retort to your disappointingly one-sided coverage of the Tokyo Metropolitan government’s recent decision to make warning labels compulsory on all iDOLM@STER products (link). Far from being the life-destroying drug that the government believes it to be, THE iDOLM@STER is a gateway to cleaner living. Studies have shown that heavy consumers of iDOLM@STER-related content experience lower rates of drug addiction and incarceration compared to peers in similar socioeconomic conditions. Bandai Namco is committed to social justice and iDOLM@STER is part of our continuing effort to clean up the streets.

Satoshi Oshida
CEO, Bandai Namco Games Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

A Comedy of Errors

SIR― You erroneously alleged that Toei Animation facilities were being repeatedly razed due to outrage over Sailor Moon Crystal (link). In doing so, you have committed the fallacy of mistaking correlation with causation. What you are witnessing is, in fact, continued outrage over the casting of Kugimiya Rie in a non-tsundere role in Kyousougiga. Sailor Moon Crystal is completely irrelevant to the situation at hand.

Kazuhiro Noda
Kugimiya Rie Supporters Club, Member ID No. 000001
Tokyo, Japan

Nico Nico Grammar Nazi

SIR― I am quite dismaying by the juvenile grammatical errors you committed in your recent article about me (link). It is my sincere hope that your editorial staff will have had applied itself in the future, especially while writes about people of import.

Yazawa Nico
President, lead singer, and everyone’s favourite members of μ’s
Tokyo, Japan

Your Sunday Best

SIR― Your recent article about Princeton (link) painted a false impression that white shorts constitute the only form of appropriate dress for men. Please note that salmon shorts also constitute perfectly appropriate dress within the town.

Jannett Rappele
Dean of Admissions, Princeton University                                                                                                 Princeton, New Jersey

About the author

Akira has seen in his visions the four horsemen of the anipocalypse: condescension, snobbery, exclusivity, and greed. He is a long-time admirer of Yamamoto Yutaka. Currently resides in Halifax with his waifu and two dogs. クソまじめ野郎。Twitter: @Akirascuro