Letters to the Editor: November 2014


Super High Me

SIR― It is a poorly-kept secret within the anime industry that male characters are not voiced by males, but rather, freshmen voice actresses being hazed by their seniors. As you may be aware, recent trends in the industry have placed a premium on convincing male voices, and thus, the industry has been on a hiring spree. That Ms Rie has decided to ignore the times and double-down on a losing shtick (link) is highly disappointing. Her boorish fans who believe in the fantasy image of Ms Rie as a tsundere goddess need a wake-up call. I suggest they listen closely to any character credited as ‘Wakamoto Norio’ and tell me they don’t hear Ms Rie’s passion, fire, and lisp.

Benedict Shackleton
President and founder, truthaboutkugyuu.org
London, UK

SIR― It is with great disdain that I read your piece about Ms Rie. That she would stoop to such depths in order to save a trope as cliched as tsundere is utterly pathetic. Professionals should adapt with the times and rely on their natural strengths to thrive instead of attempting to augment or enhance themselves. Unlike Ms Rie, who seems utterly incapable of being anything other than a one-trick pony, I am a living, breathing example of adaptability. Throughout my long career in voice acting, I have successfully managed to avoid being typecast. Perhaps Ms Rie could learn a thing or two.

Hanazawa Kana
MFA, Yale Drama School ’09
Tokyo, Japan

Picture Perfect

SIR― The use of edited photos as backgrounds has a long and storied history (link). The practice first arose among doujin artists, who did not have the time nor the expertise to draw their own backgrounds. Once these doujin artists became professional animators, they took this practice with them. Personally, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and allows us animators to maintain a close link with our roots.

Shinkai Makoto
Tokyo, Japan

SIR― It seems that our friends in Kyoto object to us putting effort into our backgrounds. It is unfortunate that they chose to base themselves in a city that is so anime-unfriendly. Here in Toyama, we are blessed with beautiful nature and no minimum-wage law.

Kenji Horikawa
President, PA Works
Toyama, Japan

NaNoWriMo: Xenophobia

SIR― While Mr Urobuchi’s determination is admirable, his grasp of the English language is not (link). It’s National Novel Writing Month for a reason.

Chad Stevens
Organiser, NaNoWriMo
Biloxi, MS

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Akira has seen in his visions the four horsemen of the anipocalypse: condescension, snobbery, exclusivity, and greed. He is a long-time admirer of Yamamoto Yutaka. Currently resides in Halifax with his waifu and two dogs. クソまじめ野郎。Twitter: @Akirascuro