Light Novel ‘I Groped My Classmate and Ended up in Political Office’ to Receive Anime Adaptation

Production company Aniplex revealed this week that a recent light novel series gaining popularity would be getting an upcoming anime adaptation. The series, titled I Groped My Classmate and Ended up in Political Office, or GroPoli for short, is a wacky high school comedy about a male student whose act of groping a fellow female student somehow ends up rocketing him up the political ladder.

The story of GroPoli follows male high school senior Ishihara Kabunotsu who one day accidentally trips and falls onto a female classmate, groping her breast in the process. Kabunotsu is initially afraid that the incident will forever tarnish his reputation for the future as he begins to be called out as a sexual deviant among the school. To his surprise, he instead finds himself suddenly gaining more popularity than ever as a group of students begins to aggressively defend him. Kabunotsu quickly finds himself wrapped up in the politics of the student council as he is chosen to represent his class and quickly begins advancing towards the position of student council president for the entire school.

GroPoli has received positive reception from overseas fans who praised the series for absurd comedic premise of how a person involved in an act of sexual abuse could somehow make their way into a powerful political position. Others have given positive remarks in regards to the main character whose unprofessional demeanor is seen as an interesting twist to the typical trope of strict student council characters.

The anime adaptation of GroPoli has a tentative release scheduled for late next year. Surprisingly, the anime already has a planned run of at least four years. Despite the oddly long initial planned run, Aniplex is adamant that public support for the series will be enough that audiences won’t get tired of GroPoli’s antics even after four years.

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