Lionsgate Enters Production on Movie About Boruto’s Dad

narutomorelikefarutoLionsgate Entertainment announced earlier today that production was starting on the first film in their planned Boruto series based on the popular anime and manga Boruto. The film will titled Boruto Past Generations: Boruto’s Dad and will focus primarily on Boruto’s father Naruto Uzumaki and the events leading to Boruto’s birth.

We spoke to the film’s director, Michael Gracy, about his decision to start the Boruto franchise in such an unconventional place. “We know that all of you are itching to get a movie featuring Boruto as soon as possible, and we’re just as excited as well. However, since the original manga has only been going for a little over a year, we figured it’d be better to start off with a filler story featuring a more minor recurring character like Boruto’s dad, so that we have as much time as possible to make sure that we get Boruto’s story right.”

Gracy assuaged fears that audiences wouldn’t be engaged with the franchise if Boruto wasn’t in the first movie. “We’ve got a great script that deals with these issues. Within the first few seconds of appearing on screen Naruto says aloud, ‘Someday I intend to have a child, and I will name him Boruto,’ just to make sure that audiences know what’s going on and why this character is important.”

While Lionsgate intends to create an entire Boruto cinematic universe with spinoff movies for major Boruto characters like Chouchou Akimichi and Shikadai Nara, they don’t expect to spend multiple films on Boruto’s father. “There’s really not much story to tell there, Naruto just becomes friends with Sarada’s parents, goes on an adventure and falls in love with Boruto’s mom. I mean, maybe if the movie does really well we’d try to come up with another story with those characters, but I’m pretty sure all anyone cares about with this series is Boruto, it’s why he’s the titular character after all.”

Lionsgate is rumored to be looking to make films of other major anime franchises like Soul Eater Not and Attack on Titan Junior High.

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