‘Little Witch Academia’ Movies To Leave Netflix, Join Mixer

Netflix has confirmed that the two Little Witch Academia movies are scheduled to leave the streaming platform on October 9 to begin streaming exclusively on Mixer. Little Witch Academia is set to join Ninja as the latest high profile name to join Microsoft’s new streaming platform.

Details are not clear on how much Microsoft paid for the exclusive streaming rights to Little Witch Academia, a high profile, influential anime with a passionate fan base, but experts have concluded this is certainly another move by the company to establish its platform as Twitch’s main competitor.

Fans have raised concerns since there is no physical release of the Little Witch Academia, leaving them with no legal way to watch the movies other than having to use Mixxr.

“What the fuck is Mixer?” anime fan Jessica Kasimbe exclaimed upon hearing the news. “I just wanna support the anime industry by watching Atsuko and friends play Fortnite.”

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