Live-Action ‘Axis Powers Hetalia’ ,’Free’, and ‘Black Butler’ Hollywood Films Announced


Following the announcement on Friday that Bandai Namco Pictures will be teaming with director Ron Howard to produce a live action Hollywood Tiger and Bunny movie, several other major directors have also announced their plans to adapt other popular anime into live action movies.

Stephen Spielberg announced that his Axis Powers Hetalia adaptation has been in the works for years. Spielberg confessed to reporters, “Ever since I first saw the anime I always planned for Axis Powers Hetalia to be the final installment in my series of World War II films, alongside Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. Honestly, it’s probably the most important of the three, since those films unfairly villainized the Axis powers, and Hetalia shows the world just how adorable the regime was.”

Clint Eastwood has also announced plans to direct a movie based on the Kyoto Animation show Free! Well-known already for sports dramas such as Invictus and Million Dollar Baby, Eastwood admitted to reporters binge watched Free! on Crunchyroll about a month ago, and felt that his interpretation of Rin and Haru’s romantic story was just the right material to complete his legacy as a director. He’s also excited for the numerous Oscars the Academy will be obligated to nominate it for as his last film.

Meanwhile, Tim Burton announced he has acquired the rights to make a film based on Black Butler, currently slated for 2017. The director told us, “I really love the gothic style of Black Butler, and the way it cleverly plays with classical British tropes like the master butler relationship. My original plan was to have Johnny Depp play Sebastian Michaelis, but he insisted that he play the Undertaker instead so he could wear another stupid hat. Also, my original head canon casting for Ciel was Helena Bonham Carter, but I’m not sure she’s effeminate enough.”

Rumors have also spread that Spielberg, Burton and Howard are currently in a bidding war to acquire the rights to Junjou Romantica.

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