Live Action ‘Nekopara’ Movie in the Works

Universal Pictures in collaboration with Neko Works revealed over the weekend that a live action version of Nekopara had been approved and would begin entering production. The original Nekopara visual novel was a surprise hit with English audiences when it made its way onto Steam, eventually getting ported to the Nintendo Switch and even receiving its own anime adaptation after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The movie will take inspiration from the original story which follows a group of humanoid catgirl characters who attempt to assist their owner in running a bakery. The story follows the lives of those in the bakery as they begin to adjust to their new living arrangements.

Unlike previous adaptations, all characters will be played by live actors with 3D animation used to generate the appearance of the cat characters. The movie will also be the first time that the series will be voiced entirely in English.

Rumors speculate that James Corden has been asked to play the male protagonist, Kashou Minaduki. Other roles are not yet known, but it is assumed that a similar amount of thought will go into selecting the rest of the cast.

The live action film will be aiming for a PG rating and therefore not feature any of the scenes found in the original uncensored visual novels. However, the movie will still feature a level of implied horniness from the humanoid cats in order to disturb audiences should the CGI somehow manage not to.

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