Live Action Yuri Kuma Video Goes Horribly Wrong


SAITAMA, Japan — Tragedy struck today when two actresses were mauled during filming of Lesbian Bears Arashi, an adult parody of Yuri Kuma Arashi. The parody was produced by adult film company CineRocket, and featured Hitomi Tanaka and Sasa Handa in the roles of Ginko Yurishiro and Kureha Tsubaki respectively.The production started out like any other JAV, but only when live bears were brought in to make it more ‘authentic’ did things got out of hand.

The crew claims that the bear was docile for most of the filming. However once Tanaka and Handa’s scene started the bear became enraged. One crew member claims “It was as if the bear reacted instinctively to lesbianism. I’ve never seen anyone, man or animal, get so mad at girls kissing.”

Attempts keep the bear out with a wall failed almost instantly. The bear even ignored the more portly members of CineRocket, staying focused on devouring the two actresses. The entire incident was caught on film.

Both actresses were rushed to the Bear Ward at Saitama General Hospital. Upon their arrival Tanaka and Handa were declared dead, it wasn’t until an actual doctor arrived that their condition improved to ‘living’.

Director Kunihiko Ikuhara was positive to the changes made, calling it “bold and fresh.”

“It will be perfect inspiration for my next show Shoujo-Kuma-Drum,” the director said.

Despite this setback CineRocket will still be releasing Lesbian Bear Arashi, claiming that otaku will fap to anything.

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