Man’s Anime Marathon Interrupted by Loud Cheering From Adjacent Room

NEWTON, MA – A man’s anime viewing session was interrupted this evening with the sound of cheering from the next room over. Jeremy Meier, 28, stated that he had been looking forward to a long Sunday anime marathon which would allow him to catch up on part of his backlog. Meier, who resides in his Massachusetts apartment with one other roommate, instead found himself constantly distracted by shouts directed at the television in the room opposite his bedroom wall.

“My roommate said he was going to have a few people over which I thought was going to be fine, but I didn’t know they would be so loud,” Meier stated. “They’re watching some sports game or something. Normally I wouldn’t mind but I’ve still got to catch up on Kakegurui and I’m only 4 episodes in. He knows how long I’ve been waiting for this, you’d think he could get together with the guys to watch sports some other day.”

As the evening went on, the cheering from his roommate’s group of friends only seemed to get more intense. Meier took measures to block out the noise by switching to using headphones on his laptop and turning up the volume. He also positioned several dakimakura pillows up against his wall in hopes of further dampening the sound.

At one point Meier went into the other room and asked his roommate if he could at least turn the volume down during the commercials, but Meier was told by his roommate’s friends that they wanted to watch the commercials as well. “I’m not sure why they would want to see commercials,” Meier told our reporters, “I pay for a Crunchyroll subscription so I don’t have to sit through ads anymore.”

Several hours into the event, the shouting temporarily subsided only to for Justin Timberlake music to start blaring from the opposite room. Meier reportedly tightened his headphones and began playing anime theme songs in order to cope with the nuisance.

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