Local Cat Somewhat Uncomfortable with Owner Playing ‘Nekopara’

CINNAMINSON, NJ – Household cat Ginger has become increasingly concerned about her owner recently playing the game series Nekopara, according to local reports.

Ginger’s concerns initially arose after noticing a tendency for her owner, Aaron Sutton, to exhibit odd behavior such as breathing heavily while staring at the glowing rectangle on his desk. Ginger also began noticing that Sutton would often close the door to his room before getting on his computer, something she had not seen her owner do before with other games.

While slightly puzzled by her owner’s strange behavior, Ginger expressed that her main feelings of uneasiness came from the characters featured in Nekopara which appeared to be some sort of disturbing hybrid between cat and human. Even more worrisome was what appeared to potentially be Sutton’s romantic interest in these creatures which were not even of the same species.

In an attempt to keep her owner away from the game, Ginger has reportedly already tried several methods to no avail. The initial plan of pawing the door and meowing loudly did not seem to trigger any noticeable response. Ginger later attempted to lay on top on Sutton’s keyboard in order to prevent him from playing, though Sutton easily switched to controlling the game one-handed with a mouse as if he was already accustomed to doing so.

Ginger stated that she was unsure of how to ultimately break her owner of this new habit, but was considering perhaps knocking over some drinking glasses or loudly running around the apartment at 2 in the morning.

Ginger isn’t the only animal in the apartment complex to have been unsettled by their owner’s choice of entertainment. Pet snake Izzy, of unit 3F, also reported being disturbed by some of the strange videos, supposedly titled Monster Musume, that her owner has been recently viewing.

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