Local ‘Dr. Stone’ Fan Challenges ‘Rick and Morty’ Fans to Awkward Science Showdown

BOSTON, MA — Rick and Morty has long enjoyed a questionable spot as a fan favorite of people heavily into bad memes and self-proclaimed intellectualism, but finally a challenger has risen from the East. Currently airing Dr. Stone strives to achieve superiority by utilizing a science-based approach and anime hair that makes even the 90’s character designs look like a joke.

Anime Maru follows as a local 23-year-old Dr. Stone fan, Steven Morrison, leaves to challenge the status quo in an underground subculture showdown. Even a brief interview with Morrison was enough to reveal how we’re about to witness a clash of two worlds never meant to meet.

To prove himself as a man of science Morrison had chosen to wear his favorite shirt, featuring a bold E=mc² printed on the chest.

“I see you’re curious,” said Morrison as he flaunted the shirt to our reporter. “This bad boy is one of Einstein’s formulas. Einstein is a scientist. You probably wouldn’t know him.”

“I’m excited to get the change to discuss some real science with the Rick and Morty people. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when I mention such scientific topics such as pulleys and different metals, including copper.”

Approaching the venue of the showdown, the air was filled with nearly inhuman screams varying from badly spoken Japanese to names of different foodstuff and sauce. Anime Maru did not get the other side of the story, as Rick and Morty is a cartoon and cartoons are absolutely not anime as everyone surely knows.

It still remains unclear how the winner of the showdown will be eventually decided. However, even this early on it was clear to observers that the vicious fight about to take place will be one where everyone ultimately loses.

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