Local Fan Discovers ‘Tenchi Muyo’ Just Big Pile of Incest


FARGO, ND — Beloved 90’s anime staple Tenchi Muyo is best known for codifying the tropes of the harem genre by putting its hapless hero in a sea of beautiful girls; but 22-year-old Fargo resident Chris Johnson discovered last Thursday night that the series holds a dark secret. After pouring over the anime’s intricate family chart on the Tenchi Muyo Wiki, Johnson discovered that over 75% of Tenchi’s potential love interests are related to him by one or more generations.

Horrified by the revelation, he analyzed the complex genealogies a second time and found that in the in-universe Royal Family of the planet Jurai regularly practiced incest for no real reason.

“Well I guess the creator of the series Masaki Kajishima is just really into incest. He even wrote a canonical reason for why the royal family isn’t horribly inbred,” said Johnson, referring to the fact that Jurai possess a level of technology in the field of genetics to weed out the effects of any bad genes that incest might have on a person.

Just to make sure, Chris managed to find that Washu and Ryoko have no direct connection to the title character preventing the immense franchise from being nothing more then being a direct manifestation of its creator’s odd fixation on family boning.

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