Local Man Review Bombs ‘Fate/’ Anime Score Over Waifu Mistreatment

According to users of the popular website MyAnimeList, the review score of the popular Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia had dived nearly five points across a period of several days. Going from a respectable 7.83 with over 16,000 votes to a far less impressive 2.65.

The sudden drop in score puzzled users and fans alike with many commenting that they were utterly baffled by the dip in the score. “I get that Fate/Grand Order isn’t something everyone is into, but why did the score change now, the show has been on running for months at this point.” wrote one confused commenter.

The answer to this question came several days later in the form of a post in the MyAnimeList forums by user Rinismywaifu.

“I just wanted to show how easy it was to manipulate the arbitrary score an anime is given on this site as a sort of social experiment. By creating [a huge number] of bot accounts it was easy enough to change the score and make it seem like the fandom had turned on this particular anime for one reason or another. I wanted to show just how easily the anime fandom can turn on something that is seemingly popular.”

However, the truth behind the review bomb came to light several days later when a post found in rinismywaifu’s posting history shed a less noble motivation for the review bomb.

“I’ve loved Rin since the original visual novel came out. She’s a strong, independent, well-written character. But Ishtar from Grand Order? She isn’t Rin. She’s a worthless fanservice character who has her ass hanging out for a full view of the perverted losers in the fandom to fap too. F/GO is shit, its fans are shit, and most of all Ishtar is the biggest piece of shit of all. That’s why I bombed the MyAnimeList score.”

As of writing, Rinismywaifu has yet to respond to the content of said post, but the public seems to have moved on, as Interspecies Reviewers had suddenly become the most popular anime of all time on the site.

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