Local Man Still Trying to Get People to Call It ‘Tabemonogatari’


PROVO, UT — According to multiple eyewitness accounts, 27-year-old tax accountant Jason Kramer is still attempting to get his friends to refer to the anime Koufuku Graffiti as “Tabemonogatari”. Individuals close to the situation admit that while the proposed appellation is clever, they are perfectly content with the official name of the anime, or the localization of Gourmet Girl Graffiti.

“Get it? It’s directed by Akiyuki Shinbou, who also directed Bakemonogatari and all the shows in that franchise,” Kramer explains. “And ‘tabemono’ means ‘food’ in Japanese — it fits perfectly!”

According to reports, Kramer began his crusade in early February and has not stopped since the show concluded in late March. “I’m getting really tired of his shit. He literally won’t stop telling us why ‘Tabemonogatari’ is the most clever thing ever,” says Devin Russell. According to Russell, several of Kramer’s friends have stopped interacting with him altogether in the last several months. Upon learning that Kramer plans to create a Change.org petition, Russell rolled his eyes and sighed. “Stop trying to make ‘Tabemonogatari’ happen, it’s not going to happen!”

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