Local Man Who Calls It ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ Appears Cultured, Well-Informed


NUNNELLY, TN — Myles Thompson, a 27-year-old systems analyst, has become the center of attention in his local anime community as of late after he reportedly referred to the popular shounen action franchise My Hero Academia as “Boku no Hero Academia“.

Thompson’s friends were initially awed by the casual usage of the un-localized title in reference to Studio Dentsu’s hit anime sensation.

“I know Myles was really into anime, but for him to pull out the original Japanese title like that was pretty shocking,” eyewitness Justin Garnette, 28, told Anime Maru. “His knowledge of anime and fandom is just on another level.”

Reports indicate that those present were astonished at Thompson’s rejection of the “plebeian and bastardized” localized title, instead demonstrating his familiarity with Japanese pop culture by using the authentic and true title. Thompson then continued his dazzling display of proficiency by criticizing the anime and claiming the manga is better. Thompson did not respond when our correspondent asked him who was the author of the original Boku no Hero Academia manga.

“That’s Myles for you,” Garnette commented after Thompson referred to a voice actress as a “seiyuu”. “He is a true otaku.”

At press time, Thompson implored his friends to watch one of his favorite shows: Ken no Bijutsu Onrine.

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