Local Mother Could “Get Into This Whole Anime Thing” After Watching Single Ghibli Film

HUNTINGTON, VW — 16-year-old Jason Sutton received the embarrassment of a lifetime this Saturday when his mother reportedly attempted to join his circle of friends’ anime discussion. Having taken a recent curiosity in her son’s hobbies, Mrs. Sutton has attempted to better understand her son’s anime obsession by watching Studio Ghibli’s critically acclaimed movie Spirited Away the week prior.

According to eyewitness accounts, his mother suddenly interrupted Jason’s conversation with his friends about anime character thighs in order to contribute her opinions on the film. Despite clear signs of discomfort, Mrs. Sutton then proceeded to relentlessly discuss Ghibli in an attempt to communicate with the youngsters on their terms.

Mrs. Sutton went on for nearly 15 minutes, delivering confident statements about the studio’s visual style and analyzing Hayao Miyazaki as an artist, pondering the future of the visionary. The mother made several more comments about the film, attempting to make sure no one felt left out, as the discussion developed in the direction she was sure the youngsters found engaging.

“I’m honestly looking forward to seeing more anime now. I can see why Jason likes it so much,” Mrs. Sutton said beaming with naive excitement. “I’m really tired of seeing overly caricature sexuality and repetitive plot outlines on western television, so I can’t wait to see what kind of unique new horizons anime will offer.”

Mrs. Sutton was last seen telling the group how the movie reminded her of when her son used to throw tantrums when he was little as several of Jason’s friends attempted to excuse themselves to go home early.

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