Local Otaku Disappointed at Distinct Lack of Anime in Anime Fighter



Mild tragedy struck today as local resident and otaku Melvin Tiddiemeister found out that the anime fighter recommended to him by his local game shop did not, in fact, contain any anime girls. Melvin told reporters that he was not expecting there to be no anime-style characters in the game, and that he bought it solely for some anime girls.

Yeah I went in to pick up my preordered copy of the newest dating sim “My Monster Girl Imouto is Also the President of Earth” when I heard these two guys talking about this fighting game and using the term “anime fighter”. Well I quickly went the to store employee and asked him to recommend me a good anime fighter. Little did I know, but once I got home, there were no cute big-titted 15 year old animated girls on the screen! Needless to say I’ll be getting my refund soon!

He went on to tell reporters about the game he played:

I figured I’d give it a shot and play it, ya know, it might actually be good. But boy was I wrong. My characters just dashed in the air forever and I kept getting killed before I could even button-mash a hit. I played online but that was worse! Some little 13 year old kept killing me without even letting me land a hit! He kept saying ‘scrub’ but what was I supposed to be scrubbing? My computer?!

Melvin was later reported returning the game, telling the store employee “it’s worse than that time you recommended SkullGirls.” Sources say he was last seen walking out with a copy of the dating sim My Cat is Also My Girlfriend?!

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