Local Yandere Concerned Japanese Work Culture Will Kill Love Interest Before She Can

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TOKYO, Japan — A new interview with local stalker Akiko Mine revealed that she has been growing increasingly worried that Japan’s grueling work-life imbalance would drive her longtime crush, Shinzo Nakamoto, to end his life before she had the chance to.

Akiko mentioned to Anime Maru that Shinzo had been coming home very late, and when confronted, told her that he was being given unpaid overtime.

“I knew from the surveillance cameras I set up in his room that he wasn’t getting home until 3:00 a.m. That’s when I started to worry,” said Akiko.

Akiko also revealed that Shinzo works as an in-between animator at Wit Studio. She was annoyed at what she saw as the triviality of his work.

“It’s one thing if he’s only getting four hours of sleep a day because the stress from my obsessive stalking has given him insomnia,” added Akiko. “But it’s totally different when it’s only because the production committee decided they needed another fanservice shot in that season’s generic high school romcom.”

Akiko also noted the Shinzo’s health had begun to visibly deteriorate. While she chalked it up to the buildup of stress stemming from Japan’s highly dysfunctional and unethical traditions around work, she did also state that “the look of despair creeping into his eyes was so incredible. I just wish I was the one making him look like that.” She sadly concluded that, when it came to ruining someone’s life, even a yandere was no match for the Japanese work environment.

After the interview, Akiko was seen walking into the main offices of Wit Studio carrying a large machete. Although the specific actions that took place in the building remain a mystery, the receptionist at the building was checked into a hospital later that day, reportedly for blood loss.

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