Long Awaited Arby’s OVA Series Announced

SANDY SPRINGS, GA — After months of speculation, leaks, and cross-promotions, American fast food giant Arby’s have confirmed that they will be funding a 4-episode OVA anime series based on the eponymous fast-food sandwich chain.

“When I let my weird nephew intern here and take over our Twitter account, I had no idea there was this whole niche of weirdos that fast food companies were missing out on advertising to,” CEO Paul Brown told Anime Maru.

Arby’s, whose aforementioned social media posts contain nods to a large variety of different anime and video game references, has lead to stirring of interest from their respective communities.

“Arby’s is gross I hate that place,” stated a fan who wished to remain anonymous “All the weeb shit they post is also super cringey. Anime is for losers.”

When pressed as to why they had been following Arby’s on Twitter and had re-tweeted all of their posts for the last 3 months, the commenter replied that he was doing it “ironically”.

The OVA will be launched alongside a massive cross media advertising campaign, most of which is scheduled to make heavy use of social media. Brown did not give comment as to how the series was going to generate any market capital as Arby’s doesn’t actually operate any stores in Japan itself. He simply tapped on a Hatsune Miku branded Domino’s pizza box he had laying on his desk.

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