Loot Crate to Rebrand its Boxes as “Surprise Mechanics”

Monthly subscription box service Loot Crate stated that company operations would be undergoing changes following its acquisition by licensed collectibles company NECA Inc. Loot Crate encountered financial issues earlier in the year leading the company to seek bankruptcy protection back in August before ultimately settling a deal with NECA.

While the company’s signature subscription boxes would remain, Loot Crate announced that it would be rebranding all of its boxes as “surprise mechanics”. The change is part of an effort to relaunch the brand and getting away from using the word “loot” which could imply an act of theft such as, in theory, accepting thousands of orders for months on end but never shipping anything.

In addition to its existing subscription packages, Loot Crate would be adding a plethora of new surprise mechanics for customers to choose from including the new “Grand Order” surprise mechanic which features a desirable character figure in every one of 500 boxes. Customers will also have the option of purchasing different colors and skins of the boxes their surprise mechanics come in.

“It’s going to be a whole new experience,” said Joel Weinshanker president of NECA. “The way we’ve implemented these new mechanics is quite ethical and fun. People like surprises.”

Loot Crate assured its existing subscribers that there would be no need to worry of major changes to their existing services. Loot Crate would continue its core business of sending random Funko Pops, pins, retail overstock, and inkjet prints – a strategy that worked out so well for the company.

When asked about the company’s plan to fulfill existing orders, Loot Crate stated that it was working to handle the boxes in the most efficient manner by sending them directly to subscribers’ local landfills.

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