Love Live Determined to be Superior to Idolmaster Thanks to Weiß Schwarz

SILVER SPRING, MD — The war between Idolmaster and Love Live has finally ended this week after a heated game of Weiß Schwarz, a Japanese trading card game with card sets featuring many different anime series. The showdown occurred late Wednesday evening in an unassuming card shop when Tyler Snyder, 19, playing a Love Live! Sunshine!! deck defeated Jason Rodgers, 22, playing an Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls deck in NeoStandard Format.

The news quickly spread, and within a few hours the Idolmaster fan community was in tatters.

“Damn, I guess that settles it,” Tokyo resident and long-time Idolmaster fan Takeda Jiro told Anime Maru upon hearing the news. Takeda echoes the sentiments of thousands of fellow Idolmaster fans around the world, who began renouncing their once-beloved franchise and admitting on message boards that Love Live is superior.

“After all these years of arguing on the internet and vandalizing manhole covers, I never imagined we’d come to an agreement. Love Live is just better than Idolmaster,” read one comment on the Japanese message board 2channel.

“Bye bye, Eririn and hello Shukashuu,” read another.

“I guess there’s no more nico-nico-need for this stuff,” said Takeda as he threw away a set of concert-exclusive Idolmaster penlights that he purchased for hundreds of dollars.

Snyder and Rodgers had little idea of the sweeping implications that their friendly showdown carried. According to reports, Snyder recently watched the Love Live! anime and told his friend about how much he enjoyed it. Rodgers bluntly responded that Idolmaster was better, and the two officially agreed to settle it over Weiß Schwarz.

Rodgers got off to a bumpy start, and things got even worse for him after Snyder saw an opening and dealt a huge amount of damage in midgame.

“God, Uzuki is useless,” the Idolmaster representative murmured after getting sacked.

The game promptly ended after another Level 1 Ruby climax combo; Snyder and the entire Love Live franchise was the victor.

Despite the unimaginable pressure of representing such an enormous brand with so many fans, Snyder seemed unfazed by the occasion.

“Oh I net decked this,” he told Anime Maru, referring to his deck. “I don’t really know much about Love Live outside of the anime, which I guess makes me a perfect fit in the North American Love Live community.”

“I think I got weissed today, I drew a bunch of climaxes early and couldn’t cancel anything all game. I would have had a chance if I could play the original Idolmaster set,” reflected a visibly disgusted Rodgers.

“It’s alright though, I did my Rubesty.”

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