‘Love Live! Moonshine!!!’ Announced as Second Spinoff Series of Franchise

Sunrise confirmed earlier today that a TV anime titled Love Live! Moonshine!!! is currently in production. The new series is a continuation of multimedia project Love Live! which received its first anime season in 2013.

The previous spinoff series, Love Live! Sunshine!!, received two 13 episode seasons, and an anime movie that has yet to be released. Anticipating the new film to be a similar failure to the first, Sunrise announced details about this future project in an attempt to distract fans from the impending disappointment.

“After Sunshine, it was obvious to us that Moonshine was the next step,” director Kazuo Sakai told Anime Maru. “Many fans are very excited for this new installment to the franchise, which I find hilarious.”

The new series will focus on an assortment of nine high school girls that form an idol unit in hopes of saving their cram school from being shut down. The production team has reportedly begun looking through Soundcloud in search of inspiration for the new idol unit’s songs.

“Hopefully curiosity will make everyone forget we promised to release that movie.” Sakai refused to disclose any further details regarding the new series. “There was clearly a drop in quality from the original series to Sunshine. All I can say is that we’ll be sure to continue that downward trend in Moonshine.”

As a promotion, the drop rates of all high rarity cards in the gacha game Love Live! School Idol Festival will be decreased. This action was met with a negative response from the eight people that still play the game.

At press time, the production team could not come up with a character worse than Nico Yazawa, despite their best efforts.

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