‘Luck and Logic’ Wiki Site Crucial Resource to Understand the Deep, Complex Anime


Seven episodes into the currently airing series, people watching Hina Logi: From Luck and Logic have struggled to keep up with the anime’s intricate plot and complex lore. The series, animated by Doga Kobo, is an adaptation of a series of epic fantasy novels whose multiple intertwining story arcs, dense dialogue, and impenetrably complex backstory may be too much for the casual viewer.

The Luck & Logic wiki site is an invaluable source of information about the vast Luck & Logic universe. “Without experience with the franchise, the anime kind of just looks like generic moe trash,” wiki contributor Jason Willis told Anime Maru. “That’s because you don’t understand it; it really is impossible to appreciate Luck & Logic without first educating yourself in its detailed mythos.”

Readers can learn about things as basic as the lineage of the Bloodberry clan to detailed topics such as folk tradition in the remote eastern Septpian villages. First time watchers of the anime will be hard pressed not to reference the site so they can understand the context of the plot and characters. Even hardcore Luck & Logic otaku regularly study the wiki to learn more about the universe and appreciate the subtle nuance of the anime narrative.

“I’d be nowhere without the Luck & Logic wiki,” said Willis. “Just like how I wouldn’t understand Teekyu one bit without the Teekyu wiki.”

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