‘Mad Bull 34’ Blamed for Rise in Police Brutality Incidents

Mad Police 34
Reports are coming from all around the United States from activists claiming that the popular OVA “Mad Bull 34” is at least partly responsible for recent cases of police brutality. “When you think about it, police officers between the ages of 25 to 35 fit right into the age range of people who would have seen the OVA when Manga entertainment first published it in 1996. It’s very safe to say that officer Mad Bull’s extreme tactics influenced these officers.” liberal arts student Maggy Winters told our on-site correspondent.

“When I saw the security footage of Daquan being drop kicked out of that subway car, I just knew that officer Jonas was re-enacting Mad Bull’s legendary takedown.” Laquisha Brown said in reference to her son. “It was admittedly pretty sick, but I wish my son was still alive.” she continued, gesturing towards a tissue box.

Officer Jonas was later reached for a statement, and only had this to say. “Mad Bull’s distinct style of crime fighting was clearly an effective means of dealing with criminal activity. My lawyer says I shouldn’t talk to you guys, but I figured it was worth mentioning.” he said while attempting to order guns off of the now defunct Silk Road.

Anime Maru contacted series creator Kazuo Koike for a statement regarding the allegations, which upon arrival, prompted Mr. Koike’s attempt to steal a peace officer’s stun gun for unknown reasons. Nagoya’s second police precinct would not let us conduct the interview any further from inside the holding cell.

“Ultimately, I think Discotek owes it to the impoverished youth of color living in this so called ‘land of freedom’ to recall their 2013 DVD release and issue an apology.” Miss Winters continued. “I mean, I really can’t think of any other cause for all this, can you?”

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