Mad Libs Sues Anime

Mad Goku

(Name of City),(State Abbreviation)— Earlier today attorneys representing Price Stern Sloan Publishing won a case of copyright infringement against (Your Favorite Anime). The lawyers stated that the anime’s plot was far too random and (Adjective) for any anyone to come up on their own, it must have been stolen from Mad Libs. Since the jury sided with Mad Libs, the fate of (Anime Studio) seems uncertain.

“Unfortunately we’ve had to (Adverb) all of our assets.” Studio Executives divulged in a(n) (Adjective) interview. “What this really hurts is our fans. It means no reboot of (Beloved Childhood Anime), or a new season of (Kinda Shitty Moe Show).”

Even though studio executives have been quick to decry plagiarism, some of their staff are less (Adjective). Specifically (Name of Person In Room) head writer of the popular (Pretentious Mecha Anime) has admitted to using Mad Libs for inspiration.

“If we said that we had writer’s block, the studios would just hand us photocopied (Plural Noun).” The writer explains. “At first it made me feel (Emotion), but once we realised no one was going to catch us, then I was fine with it.”

Since this discovery the originality of many anime series has been thrown into question. (Food Product) & (Animal), (Noun)/(Number), and even My (Size) (Relative) Can’t Be This (Adjective) have been targets for copyright suits. It would seem that the initial lawsuit has opened the gates for many more (Adjective) court cases.

The head of Mad Libs, (Name of Least Favorite Uncle), is perfectly happy with the results. “If we don’t protect our property, than (Pronoun) will? It’s clear people have been adapting Mad Libs stories for years now, and we haven’t seen a (Noun) from it! It’s about time they start (Verb Ending in -ing) back to us.”

It’s only a matter of time before Mad Libs eventually starts to target plagiarism in western media. And that will be bad news for (Anime News Satire Site).

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