‘Made in Abyss’ Director Hints at Dark, Scary Adaptation


Representatives from Kinema Citrus revealed a new marketing strategy earlier this week for the upcoming anime adaption of Made in Abyss. In order to replicate the manga’s eerie atmosphere, the studio hopes to strike fear into the audience by suggesting the adaption might end up as utter garbage.

“The first trailers were so positively received that we want to take this moment to remind how many elements in the adaption we could possibly completely ruin,” director Masayuki Kojima tells Anime Maru.

“Let me ask you this, when was the last time you were positively surprised by an adaption? Did you enjoy some of our other quality works, such as Kuma Miko or Code:Breaker? Maybe it’s time to abandon the optimism and descend into the abyss of despair yourself, if you get what I mean.”

An eerie unease spread throughout the assembled media present.

Kojima went on to mention that the unique art-style in the manga that is hard to translate into animation using a limited budget, restrictions on violent and gory content displayed in television, and the possibility of rushed anime original ending. A notable tension was immediately detected in the packed press conference room, punctuated by the sound of an unidentified individual desperately sobbing.

“There are so many things we could fuck up. Keeps you at the edge of your seat, right?”

Made in Abyss is scheduled to air this summer.

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