Madhouse Wins Recycling Award for ‘AFTERLOST’ Character Designs, CGI Effects

TOKYO, Japan – Madhouse has been announced as the winner of a prestigious Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) “3 R’s” (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) Promotion Merit Award, according to a recent press release. The award was given for the series AFTERLOST for using 100% recycled or reused character designs and CGI technology.

“The anime industry has been at the forefront of recycling in Japan, as can be seen by the constant reuse of plots and character designs, but no anime studio has reached the near 100% recycling found in AFTERLOST,” said Japanese Minister of METI Hiroshige Sekou. “Madhouse even used CGI that hasn’t been used since the early 2000’s, a great example of how to use technology that would otherwise go to waste.”

The staff of AFTERLOST offered insight into this amazing achievement.

“Over the years, Madhouse has created a large amount of character designs and other material that has unfortunately never made it into a series. We’ve always wanted an opportunity to ‘flush out’ some of these designs sitting in storage,” said series director Shigeyuki Miya. “When we heard we would be adapting a mobile game we knew people would have no quality expectations, we finally had our shot.”

“When FLCL hit it big we had created a new scooter-riding male character who never made it into anything. So why not just throw it in here? It fits in well enough with all the other random recycled character designs in the show,” stated series character designer Tomoyuki Shitaya. “Hell, they said I’d get paid for the series even if all the characters just came from our backlog.”

Fans of the original mobile game shared their own opinions on the adaptation.

“You know, it is cool to get to see these characters brought to life in anime form, but I do think if you want the real depth of the story and plot you need to play the phone game,” claimed fan Hayley Johns. “It does seem weird that the anime CGI is somehow worse than the phone game though.”

We reached out to the original game creators at Wright Flyer Studios for their thoughts on the anime adaptation, but were told they were too busy playing Fate/Grand Order to comment.

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