“Magical Internet Idol Nyanners-chan!” to Air This Summer


OSAKA, JAPAN– As the spring anime season comes to a close, BONES has announced it’s latest addition to the summer catalog. Magical Internet Idol Nanners-Chan! is an adaptation of YouTube celebrity Nyanners. Many people have been baffled by this choice, but BONES executives went on record saying:

“We’re actually running out of ideas here at BONES. We said when we finally ran out we’d start animating our new Darker than Black series. Of course we can’t let that happen, so we needed to start a new show as an excuse.”

Another employee explained why they selected Nyanners from the plethora of amateur YouTube voice actors. “We couldn’t actually understand what she was saying but her voice just sounded so kawaii* that we just had to make a series based around it!”

“People still like idols, right? Please watch out show. Please,” another anonymous employee told Anime Maru.

The streaming rights have already been secured by Funimation, a dub is already in production. Kotono Mitsuishi will be playing Nyanners in the Japanese release, while Jessica Calvello has signed on to play Nyanner for the English dub.

Many of Nyanner’s YouTube subscribers have lamented this new adaptation.

“I was a big fan of Nyanners” NotAPedo431 writes, “But then she started to get popular and I started liking her less. Now with this anime Nyanners will be introduced to the normie masses, I just don’t know if I can stay subscribed if she gets that kind of exposure.”

“Don’t worry Nyanners, I’ll stand by you no matter how BONES fucks this up. I stood by Hiromu Arakawa when BONES disgraced Full Metal Alchemist. No need to thank me, but if you do want to thank me I’m currently single if you know what I mean.” AiLikeNyanners95 posts publicly.

We are unaware at this time if Nyanners actually knows about the upcoming anime. BONES has made plans to adapt the Youtube channel DouchebagChocolat, it seems extremely likely that Demo hasn’t been informed of his potential rise to anime fame as well.

*Kawaii=Cute, we choose to preserve the original language since Kawaii has no direct english equivalent.

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