Make-A-Wish Foundation Brings the Gift of Queen’s Blade to Young Boy


PORTLAND – When local boy Atticus Thompson, 8, was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago, he never expected to be able to have his dream come true; to watch Leina and the rest of her Queen’s Blade friends as fans could see at home in Japan.

Make-A-Wish volunteer Heather Olson said that although this was one of the easier wishes that they have fulfilled, the organizing of the viewing was not without its issues.

“The cost of getting this done was pretty much zero in the end, but not without a little difficulty in organizing it,” Olson said. “We reached out to Media Blasters to see if they could help us, but they said they couldn’t afford to give a single copy of the show away. Fortunately, we found a cheaper source on the internet.”

In any event, the story of the day was about the happiness of Thompson as he celebrated his recovery from a devastating disease.

“I always wanted to see my favorite characters as the fans were meant to see it, without fog or glare or random shadows” Thompson said. “Now I feel like I’m a part of the great fan base Queen’s Blade has with all the strong heroes.”

Some eyebrows were raised over the course of the public viewing of the uncensored first episode, but Thompson’s parents called it a reason to celebrate.

“I think it’s great that Atticus can be a fan of strong female characters at his young age,” said his mother Sarah. “The character development and strong story are the real reasons why the Queen’s Blade franchise has fans, young and old, around the world.”

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