Makoto Shinkai Ends Career to Stream Fortnite

The industry was taken by surprise today as Makoto Shinkai, director of critically acclaimed anime films including Your Name and Garden of Words, announced that he would be ending his career in the anime industry in order to focus on streaming gameplay of the online game Fornite. Shinkai, who had previously been working on a new film project, canceled all current production work in order to allow more time to focus on his new streaming channel.

According to sources close to the director, the decision was mostly economic. The director’s films, while regarded as visually stunning, had become increasingly costly along with taking years to produce. The shift to streaming would allow new content to produced nearly every day at only a fraction of the budget.

Shinkai’s new stream was revealed to be titled “5 Meters per Second”, a reference to the approximate rate at which the storm eye shrinks in a Battle Royale match. Several close staff members have reportedly been selected by Shinkai to join him in setting up his new Twitch channel. The rest of the former director’s animation staff found themselves suddenly let go from their positions as news of the decision broke.

“I tried to reason with him, but he simply wouldn’t have any of it,” former CoMix Wave animator Yugoro Kazuto stated. “I heard him a week earlier talking about starting a project that captures the essence of the modern youth. I didn’t know that this was what he had in mind.”

“When I first heard about it I suggested that he at least play PUBG instead, but then he just threw me out of his office,” Yuguro added.

The decision marks a rising trend in the field of animation as more creators struggle to make revenue from modern online media. In related news, Jun Maeda, writer for various work from Key such as Clannad, announced that he was considering leaving his position to pursue unboxing and reaction videos.

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