Man Assembles High-End Gaming PC, Plays Visual Novels and Minecraft

FAIRFAX, VA – Ryan Pennell, 27, finally completed the build of his brand new gaming PC this week, according to local reports. Pennell had been planning the assembly of the new computer for weeks, having worked out each individual component and browsing multiple retails outlets to determine pricing and availability.

“It’s a real challenge finding video cards and CPUs right now,” Pennell told our correspondent. “I had to constantly check the status of certain components to see when they might come back in stock. I’m lucky to have finally been able to get everything I needed.”

Pennell revealed that he was eventually able to obtain a CPU and video card by camping outside his local Micro Center after hearing rumors of a possible new shipment set to arrive the following morning. After waiting overnight for nearly 14 hours, the determined gaming enthusiast was eventually able to obtain a Ryzen 7 5800X CPU and a GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card. Purchasing both set Pennell back over $1100, not including the other components that were still be necessary to complete his new build.

Despite having stated grand plans beforehand to be able to play the latest high-demanding titles, such as Cyberpunk 2077, once his computer was complete, Pennell primarily found himself playing visual novels and Minecraft. Neither were particularly taxing with the fans on his liquid cooling system reportedly rarely having to rev up during long gaming sessions of placing pixelated blocks.

“I’d say it was definitely worth it,” said Pennell as he played Nekopara Vol. 4 under the illuminating RGB glow emitting from behind his PC’s tempered glass side panel. “It was about time I went for a full system upgrade.”

When asked what his next major purchase would be to distract himself from the depressing reality of his inadequacies, Pennell stated that he hoped to eventually envelope himself in a multi-monitor setup or maybe even get a new gaming chair.

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