Man Breaks Nose Attempting to Watching Anime in Bed

Mafuyu My HentaifuSTEVENS POINT, WI — Nathaniel Rooper told reporters last Saturday that he was severely injured while lying down in bed watching anime when his iPhone came crashing down on his face.

“I totally didn’t expect it,” Rooper said. “I thought my arms were strong enough to hold my phone up for a few hours, but apparently not.”

Rooper was found bleeding on his bed a week later by his parents, who became suspicious after their son had not left his room for over 5 days. He appeared to have a broken nose but first responders were unable to identify the exact injury on Rooper’s face as he had long since altered positions. Rooper was reportedly leaning on his side so he could prop his phone against the wall next to his bed for a hands-free anime watching environment.

Medical reports later identified that he had received a broken nose and sore arms as a result of the incident. 

“We don’t have these kinds of accidents often,” Dr. Matsumoto Itou of Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital told Anime Maru. “Normally, it’s more extreme. One patient had her face crushed in while she was watching anime in bed with her laptop balancing on its side.”

Rooper stated that after recovery, he plans to stick to lying on his side and finding a good, proper wall to position his bed against for more stable phone-leaning. He also plans to purchase a longer charging cord that will be able to reach his phone in his newly-discovered anime-watching position. When asked about the possibility of using a laptop for viewing, Rooper that an iPad Mini might be feasible, but a laptop was “just asking for trouble.”

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