Man Claims $10,000 Worth of Anime Merchandise was Purchased Ironically

Hipster in anime lan


Responding to replies claiming that he is a giant weeb who buys useless anime merchandise, local internet user KirinoFag27 claims that the $10,000 spent so far on figures and merchandise was purchased ironically. Definitely not out of pure enjoyment for the show and it’s characters, nor a desire to see his favorite girl’s pantsu.

“Yeah I like anime and whatnot but I don’t take it too far like those filthy fucking weebs you see all the time online” He stated.

“Honestly I just bought all this because I liked a few of the shows. Actually a lot of these shows I didn’t really care for, I just bought some stuff because I thought it would be funny to have and display” He continued to say, while dusting his display case full of nude hentai figures.

When we saw his room full of figures and wall scrolls, he told us how he “bought all this because it was funny, buying stuff like a pathetic weeb would”.

He was reported later buying a large amount of Ona-holes and body pillows “as a joke” He continued, “Haha you know just to display for fun”.

KirinoFag27 was given a $50 J-List gift card for his participation, which he begrudgingly accepted. 


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