Man Claims He’ll Get to Everything on His Watch List Eventually


KISSIMMEE, FL — Authorities are calling it “one of the worst case of watch list hoarding ever seen.”

34-year-old local resident Jason Price lives by himself and began watching anime around 10 years ago. Like many anime fans, he took a keen interest in the hobby and regularly watched multiple episodes a day and completed several shows a season. However, his spare time quickly started to disappear and the unwatched anime started accumulating.

To make matters worse, friends have been recommending various anime to Price, increasing the influx of unwatched shows.

When authorities visited Price’s MyAnimeList page last week, they were shocked to find more than a thousand anime on his plan-to-watch list that Price has not even started. They also found more than 500 anime on his Currently Watching list, many of them long-neglected from several seasons ago.

City spokesperson Alex Moorehead described the scene as “the most extreme anime neglect he’s ever worked with.”

“We opened up his MAL, and he’s on episode 4 of Madoka. He started watching it when it aired and literally just left it there,” Moorehead recalls. “Other cases, they usually go through some effort and move some shows to dropped, or delete some shows from their plan-to-watch. This guy… he’s been planning to watch Moyashimon for six years!”

While Price admits that his anime list may look untidy, he denies that he has done anything wrong.

“Look, I don’t have a problem. I’ve been really busy at work recently but all these new anime look so cool, like that boob-string one,” Price tells Anime Maru. “But I think I should finish Sword Art Online before starting it, since they’re kinda about the same thing.”

Since Monday, authorities have been removing truckloads of unwatched anime from Price’s MAL profile. Among them Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which has been on plan-to-watch status for nine years and ten months.

“Wait until they find my Anime-Planet account,” Price remarks.

While Price’s case is shocking, authorities stressed that they had to approach the situation delicately and with compassion.

“This man needs help,” Moorehead said. “He needs to get his life together and quit his job so he has more time to catch up on his anime.”

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