Man Claims to be Watching ‘Ryuuou no Oshigoto’ for the Shogi

OSAKA, Japan — For the past several weeks, local postal worker Kazuhiro Yoshimura, 46, has been diligently watching this season’s Ryuuou no Oshigoto, an anime about a teenage shogi master who takes on a nine-year-old girl as a disciple. Despite the popular perception that the show is simply bait for lolicon, Yoshimura is adamant that he is watching the anime for the intense shogi action.

“I’ve been interested in shogi for a while now, and I really like observing the characters play the game and analyzing their strategy,” Yoshimura told Anime Maru immediately after showing us a scene where the male protagonist is mobbed by several preteen girls. “The show is very detailed about shogi.”

Yoshimura admitted that it is frustrating how people assume he is watching the anime with less than pure intentions. “I get there are cute little girls. But Ro-Kyu-Bu! had cute little girls too and that didn’t detract from the intense basketball storyline.”

As of press time, Anime Maru staff confirmed Yoshimura was not watching March Comes in Like a Lion this season.

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