Man Forced to Seek Asylum After Insulting K-pop on Twitter

DIAMOND BAR, CA – ­­­A California resident has been taken under police protection after threats were made against his life over Twitter. Charlie Hoover, 26, sought assistance from authorities after a statement he made online received an unintentionally large amount of negative attention.

The controversy began when Hoover jokingly referred to Korean pop music as “k-poop”. Despite only having a handful of followers, within minutes thousands of users began to retaliate with insults, death threats, and animated gifs of Jimin dancing. Fearing for his safety, Hoover immediately contacted the authorities, who provided him temporary shelter at a local police station.

Soon, a mob of angered K-pop fans calling themselves “ARMY” had surrounded the station, demanding Hoover’s release. Just prior, authorities confirmed that Hoover’s apartment was broken into and vandalized with photographs of BTS members. His parked Toyota also had its paint scratched and windows shattered.

“The situation continues to worsen,” said a police officer present on the scene. “We tried getting the crowds to disperse, but they keep shouting back with gibberish and shoving fan-cams into my face. We’re not prepared to deal with this kind of situation.”

In an official statement, Sheriff Julian Gonzalez reminded people to be careful online to avoid online harassment.

“We’d like to remind people out there to practice safe browsing ,” said Gonzalez. “For their own safety, everyone should be mindful with what you post, protect your personal information, and stan Loona.”

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