Man Goes Entire Working Day Without Mentioning Anime


CRANSTON, RI – Sources claim that a local office worker recently went through an entire working day without once mentioning or referencing anime in front of his coworkers. Joseph Cameron, a 25-year-old network technician and self-proclaimed otaku, has a reputation among his peers for mentioning anime at any opportune moment. Cameron reportedly shocked coworkers when came into work last Thursday without once bringing up the subject.

“About time that moron shut up for once,” coworker Raymond Stokes said. “He always goes on and on about those stupid cartoons. It’s clear that no one is the least bit interested when he is talking but somehow he never seemed to get the hint. Maybe he finally figured out that nobody gives a shit.”

Other coworkers confirmed that Cameron came into work and sat at his desk without a single comment related to anime. During lunch break many were concerned that Cameron might try to start an awkward uninitiated conversation with them, becoming surprised when Cameron chose instead to just watch videos on his tablet. According to staff members, it was the quietest day in the office since Cameron was hired 16 months ago.

“That guy is usually annoying me about that Attack on Titan stuff,” accountant Eren Steintzfeld told Anime Maru. “I haven’t even watched the thing but apparently my name is the same as one of the people in it. One time he kept pestering me to bite my hand saying I was going to transform or something.”

“Honestly, we probably only keep him around since he’s the only one that somehow gets the old sales database back up whenever it crashes.”

When our correspondent approached Cameron to ask about his unusual silence that day, he reportedly began an unintelligible rant about the latest episode of Boku no Hero Academia. Our correspondent excused himself to use the washroom and exited the building.

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